Our Mission

Who we are and where we're going.

Our Vision
Be the leader in empowering individuals in their transformation to economic independence.

Our Mission
We inspire families to realize their dreams and achieve economic independence by providing hope, resources and a plan.

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Our Values
Passion: Inspire action, life-long engagement, dedication, commitment to results
Hope: Seeing and believing in possibilities, a path to a brighter future
Collaboration: Trusted partnerships, shared visions, teamwork
Leadership: Lead by example, forward thinking, inspire others, drive the vision
Excellence: Raise the bar, set and maintain high standards, never compromise results
Compassion: Empathy, shine a light on dreams, listen, seek to understand
Inclusion: Everyone is welcome, we recognize differences & engage without judgment

Our Strategic Goals

Talent Management & Engagement
Financial Sustainability
Fund Development
Organizational Growth
Marketing & Branding
Organizational Effectiveness
Partnerships & Alliances

Our Growth Strategies
Marketing & Branding
Partnerships & Alliances
New Programs & Services
Geographic Expansion
Demographic Expansion
Donor Cultivation
Build a solid foundation for growth

Our Execution Principles
Discipline Planning: Develop, execute and track plans. Establish milestones.
Relentless Focus: 80/20 Rule – Focus on the 20% that make up 80%
Establish Measures: Set measures and track progress. Establish accountability for results.
Evidence Based Decisions: Make business decision based on facts – quantitative and qualitative.
Keep It Simple: Simplify the complex. Less is more. One page management.
Continuous Improvement: Everything we do can be improved. Conduct debriefs, lessons learned.

Our Key Strategic Initiatives
Organizational Effectiveness
Marketing & Branding
Financial Stewardship
Growth Strategies
Partnerships & Alliances
Talent Management – Staff
Talent Management – Volunteers
Board Effectiveness

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