Connections to Success Alumni

St. Louis PPD student Kevin Lamb has a new bike and the know-how to fix it, thanks to Bike Works.

Kevin Lamb, a recent Personal & Professional Development (PPD) graduate, has just participated in and completed the Bike Works program.  Bike Works is a nonprofit that teaches proper bike operation, safety and maintenance to underprivileged children in the city, then gifts them a bike at the end of the training.  Through a partnership with United States Probation, we were able to hold a training for an adult participant. Napoleon Williams lll, Outreach Coordinator for Connections, chose Kevin “because he rides this beaten down bike to PPD class and is always having to fix something on it every time we turn around.”  Kevin uses his bike as his major means of transport, as he doesn’t own a vehicle. Now, he has a dependable ride and a better know-how of how to maintain it.