Connections to Success Alumni

Vivial Lopez holds her associate’s degree in general studies from St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley, and is currently an honor student at the University Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL), studying Psychology.  She has served her country as a marine in the US Marine Corps from 1992-1996.  She has worked as a tutor, a peer leader and a mentor to countless students from low-income homes, helping them to prepare for their next level of education including 1st generation college-bound young adults.  Vivial currently facilitates family communication workshops, helping families to build better, stronger relationships. She has spent the last two decades ensuring that the goals and dreams of others could be reached, giving freely of her resources and her time.

Vivial has some big goals and dreams of her own and 2012 is her year to shine.

In 2012, Vivial will leave UMSL as a 1st generation college graduate. Her three youngest boys tell her “Mom, when (not if) I go to college…” Vivial is already preparing herself for one day earning a PhD in Theology, Social Work and African Studies.

Vivial has made it her goal to make a difference in the world through her aspirations,

Most importantly, she strives to accomplish these goals by staying grounded in her God-given purpose, of which we have no doubt that she will fulfill.

Vivial is an active member of the Professional Women’s Group (PWG), the proud mother of six and the loving wife of Augustine Lopez, who has supported her dreams for over 12 years.