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Jana Donovan Nulik

Director of Training and Impact
O 636 940 8027    M 636 219 3989

Jana has worked in the non-profit sector for more than 10 years and has expertise in training, program development, and creative leadership. She has worked on large scale community efforts as well as in small groups to effect change. She brings with her a degree in literature, certifications as a True Colors Profile Facilitator, a Global Career Development Facilitation and an Offender Workforce Development Specialist. Jana’s childhood dream of teaching and a fierce insistence that joy and purposeful living be available to everyone drive her to create community, and to design and deliver training that inspires, supports and motivates individuals to realize their best selves.

Jana serves as the Director of Training and Impact for Connections to Success and is thrilled to lead replication efforts across the region. Jana has spent the last seven years with Connections to Success training, coaching, cooking, driving, writing, laughing and crying with some of the strongest people she has ever met.

Jana lives in O’Fallon with 5 incredibly caring, creative, and inspiring people and 2 big, goofy dogs. There is no shortage of crazy, kitchen dancing or hysterical laughter. It is a big, unruly bunch she calls family. They live in many houses and she holds many hearts. In her spare time, Jana can be found reading, writing and wondering at the beauty of this crazy life.