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Jeff Lee

Training Facilitator

Jeff Lee joined our team with the mission to teach and train our participants and to transform them in to leaders! With the role of Training Facilitator he is in the perfect position to do just that! Jeff is also a Licensed and Ordained Minister (SBC); is a Board Member for UMKC Research Board; an Advisory Board Member of the Equal Opportunity Center of MCC (Penn Valley); and a member of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club!

When he is not empowering our participants, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and son (with another child on the way!) He has been an avid disc golfer for the past several years, and wood craftsmen since he was a child! When asked if there was anything else he wanted to add we learned:

“I’m the first former inmate in the history of the Bureau of Prisons to be allowed back into the same institution I was incarcerated in to mentor and educate inmates on the Pathway to Success. I have my own non-profit that specializes in housing the formerly incarcerated. I’m a former Connections to Success participant and I helped remodel a home as a participant in our Constructing Futures program.”