Social Enterprises

Our mission is at the heart of our social enterprises, and the income that they generate supports our work of inspiring individuals to achieve economic independence.

Why Social Enterprise?

We understand that breaking the cycle of poverty is no small feat, and requires an innovative outlook. We are pioneers in our approach to helping people achieve economic independence, willing to try new programs, collaborate with new partners and travel new avenues of support. Social enterprise is a perfect fit for us.

Through our social enterprises, we are able to give participants both job skills and a work history, two things that many of them don’t have when they come to us. They are able to train in our job skills programs and put their new knowledge to work in a real-world, functioning business. Staff and volunteers walk beside them as they experience the cycle of transitioning to economic independence.

Revenue from our social enterprises comes back to Connections to directly support the programs and services that we offer participants.

Our Enterprises

MOXI Traveling Boutique


Natalie's Sweet Success


Successful Jewelry Designs

Designed and handmade by our participants, this jewelry is empowering families to break the cycle of poverty.